• House Plan:
    1533 - Taylor Creek
  • Year Built:
  • Location:
    Taylor, Mississippi
  • Builder:
    Main Street Taylor, LLC and Ken Ash Construction, Inc.

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  • Taylor, MS

  • Dining Room

  • Bedroom Nook

  • Flex Room

  • Front Porch

  • Great Room

  • Kitchen

  • Living Spaces

  • Master Bedroom

  • Side Porch

Taylor, Mississippi

This home was built at Plein Air, a new neighborhood that feels as if itís been around for a long time. Located in Taylor, a tranquil small town in North Mississippi. Plein Airís office spaces, restaurants, and commercial buildings will enable residents to work, shop, and dine within walking distance of home.

"The house uses design elements such as high ceilings for cooling, tall shuttered windows to let in light, and broad porches to protect the interiors" - John Tee